Halloween Horror Films


Happy Halloween horror fans!! For those of you who are lucky enough to be able to partake in a Halloween horror movie marathon or for those who are just curious, I have put together a list of  horror movies that take place around or have to do with this wonderful holiday!


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90 Movies Every Horror Fan Should See: 31 – 40


It’s been far too long since I revisited my task of listing the 90 horror films that every fan should see! I probably deserve to get a talking to from He Who Walks Behind the Rows – hint, hint. Without any further ado, here is the 31 – 40 of the movies every horror fan should see.

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Scary Shorts: 4 Original Creepy Tales


As a complete horror fiend, I look forward to this time of year when short – and effectively disturbing – scary stories are shared over social media channels for all to read. This year I have come across a few shining gems and have been inspired to try my own hand at telling some spooky tales. For best results, be sure to read before bedtime. Enjoy! Continue reading »

Happy Birthday to Stephen King!


Happy Birthday to the Horror and Science Fiction Author & Master who’s accomplishments in literature have been so extensive that we’ve decided to list his many awards, rather than his entire catalog of work.

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90 Movies Every Horror Fan Should See: 21 – 30


1978 – 1980 marked 3 years of horror filmmaking that made a serious impact on the history of the genre. During that time we saw the beginnings of slasher film legends, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees (and of course Jason’s mother, Pamela), some truly terrifyingly haunted houses and one infamous hotel, a vicious extra terrestrial, a legion of vengeful vampires and a zombie fighting a shark – yes, a zombie, fighting a shark. Finally, let’s not forget what is probably one of the most controversially gory and violent horror films of all time, featuring Amazonian cannibals. Here are 21 through 30 of the 90 films every horror fan should see.

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