Thanksgiving Horror to Watch Over Your Holiday Break


Want to get your horror habit aligned with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? Allow me to help… Unsurprisingly, there’ isn’t a huge selection for horror films that are either inspired by or take place during Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to get you through the holiday and beyond in harvest horror heaven! I hope you have an appetite for some appallingly amazing B-movie horror at its best, however. A few of these are real doozies! Here’s the list by genre/subgenre. Enjoy!


Gore: Torture

Thanksgiving-short-2006Thanksgiving – 2006

In this 2006 short, two couples are celebrating Thanksgiving when an unexpected guest arrives and adds torture to the menu. Scott Ennis, creative marketer for The House of the Devil and The Devil Inside, was at the helm of this film project, which was written, produced, cast, directed, shot, edited, marketed and released all in less than twenty-one days.





Killer: Slasher

Blood-RageBlood Rage – 1987

An accused homicidal lunatic escapes from the asylum on Thanksgiving to exact revenge on his twin brother for framing him but, timed perfectly with the escape, the evil twin starts indulging in his blood rage once again. Initially shot in 1983, Blood Rage wasn’t released to theaters until 1987 under the title “Nightmare at Shadow Woods”.






Home Sweet Home - 1981

Thanksgiving must be the optimum time for escaping the mental institution. An escaped psychopath steals a car and shows up at an annual Friendsgiving where all hell breaks loose – including a KISS fan being murdered with an electric guitar.  Home Sweet Home was written by Thomas Bush, who also assisted with sound editing in The Evil Dead II.





ThanXgivingThanXgiving – 2006

During Thanksgiving break, a group of amateur college filmmakers think they’ve found the perfect location to shoot their thesis film at an abandoned campground deep in the woods. Bobby Ray Akers Jr. directed ThanXgiving as well as a Christmas horror, titled Night Terrors.





Killer: Revenge

IntensityIntensity – 1997

This made for TV movie was adapted from a Dean Koontz novel if the same name and depicts a twenty-six-year-old psychology student’s struggle to help free the captive of a serial killer who murdered her friend and her family during a Thanksgiving celebration. Intensity stars John C. McGinley and Molly Parker.





Monster: NeoMonsters

Blood-FreakBlood Freak – 1972

Blood Freak isn’t technically a Thanksgiving themed horror, but when the killer is a turkey-headed creature, I have no choice but to include it here. Out of all the marijuana and drug cautionary tales you might come across in films, getting transformed into a bloodthirsty turkey-headed monster is the most appropriately trippy of them all.





ThanksKillingThanksKilling – 2009

It doesn’t get more “Thanksgiving horror” than having a (topless) pilgrim murdered by a tomahawk-wielding demon turkey in the first few moments of the film. It also doesn’t get any saner since the killer turkey madness in ThanksKilling only accelerates from that point. Get ready for horror comedy that’s shamelessly silly and disturbing and pass the… anything but the turkey.




ThanksKilling-3ThanksKilling 3 – 2012

If you’re not altogether done with Turkie, the demon turkey, after watching ThanksKilling, you might consider moving on to the movie that skipped its own sequel, ThanksKilling 3. That’s right there is no ThanksKilling 2. Well, I guess there is one last copy somewhere, as per the plotline for this not so necessary follow-up to the first film.





Monster: Sci-fi & Aliens

Alien-Abduction-Incident-in-Lake-CountyAlien Abduction: Incident in Lake County - 1998

This is a made for TV movie about a family that is attacked and subsequently abducted by aliens during a Thanksgiving Day celebration. This found footage horror predates The Blair Witch Project, which is given credit for popularizing that particular film style. 





Paranormal: Ghosts & Spirits

BoogeymanBoogeyman - 2005

During the Thanksgiving holiday, a young man is terrorized by the unknown entity that used to haunt his childhood. Director Stephen Kay also directed The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, which aired this year, and screenplay writer, Eric Kripke, references this film in an episode of his show hit horror show, Supernatural.





Psychological: Home Invasion & Survival

KristyKristy - 2014

When a college student decides to stay behind, alone on campus over Thanksgiving break, she encounters a small group of cult members who have a deadly agenda and must fight to survive the holiday. Haley Bennett, Ashley Greene and Lucas till are all part of a highly recognizable cast in a virtually forgotten film.






One of the four fake trailers that aired before the showing of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s double feature, Grindhouse, Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving (2007) has left many a fan wanting more. That’s barely a surprise. Who wouldn’t want to watch the full feature depicting a turkey-obsessed pilgrim on a killing spree during Thanksgiving, rather than that snoozefest of a parade!  Though Roth has confirmed the full-length film is on its way, we’ll just have to enjoy the trailer and wait, for now. Happy Thanksgiving!


The 13 Greatest Female Monsters in Film


It’s Friday the 13th again! If you’re not thinking about watching a Jason Voorhees flick, checking out a never before seen horror or at least jumping out from the bushes at some poor, unsuspecting passersby wearing a hockey mask, then maybe I can help get you in the spirit. I’m listing the 13 greatest female supes (that’s supernaturals in case you never watched Trueblood) and monsters in film. Enjoy!

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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams Arrives Today!




Now that Halloween has come and gone, it seems like we’re all in need of a little cheering up. While begrudgingly deleting the Halloween Countdown from my sidebar this weekend, even I felt the a slight pang of dread washing over me, knowing that my beloved Halloween season was over and the inevitable holly jolly BS that’s associated with that other holiday was ahead. (Thank god for Krampus, right?) November 2nd was a sad sad day indeed. At least The Day of the Dead on the 1st softened the blow – especially coming on a lazy Sunday. There was still plenty of horror on the tube for us to watch while vedging out and eating greasy delivery in order to nurse our All Hallows Hangovers. Now, however, is a completely different and dispiriting story. If only we had something else to look forward to…

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Group Horror Review: Tales of Halloween, We Are What We Are and Crimson Peak

Tales-of Halloween
Tales of Halloween

Viewed: Kodi

Synopsis: 10 stories of ghosts, goblins, monsters and more all unfold on Halloween night in an otherwise peaceful suburban town. There’s the fiendish, candy-obsessed spirit called Sweet Tooth, a child named Billy who is framed for raising some serious hell by the devil, a group of seemingly innocent adults who pay the ultimate price for their secret evil, more sweet revenge played out upon 3 extremely wicked bullies, a sinister ghost who wants your eyes, a man who discovers he’s married to a child hungry witch, a bloody competition over the best Halloween decoration display, a deformed serial killer who’s no match for a pint-sized alien who just wants a treat, two ill-fated kidnappers who get way more than they ever bargained for and, finally, a genetically engineered man-eating pumpkin who is just one of many.

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The Greatest Illustrated Horror Movie Posters & Artist Renditions That Are Just as Good



If you’re a fan of horror themed artwork then you no doubt caught a glimpse of the latest Disney Princess reimaginings by illustrator/designer Travis Falligant. You may have heard of his Lost Mysteries series, a collection of illustrations in which modern day horror movie villains are inserted into various scenes from Scooby-Doo, but I’m actually quite fond of a few of his horror movie poster designs.

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Group Horror Review: The Green Inferno, Cooties & The Final Girls


The-Green-Inferno-PosterFavorite-Horror-Movie-STARThe Green Inferno

Viewed: In Theater

Synopsis: After a group of young protesters travel deep into the amazon to expose a logging company that has been destroying the home of an indigenous tribe, their plane crashes in the middle of the jungle. What was a successful mission quickly turns into a living nightmare when they are immediately set upon by the same tribe they were attempting to save  -  a tribe that is cannibalistic, has mistaken the student activists for the enemy and has no intention of letting them escape alive or intact.

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The Evolution of Jason Voorhees (Infographic)



There’s nothing quite as exciting as coming across an infographic on your favorite horror movie villain the likes of this one. From the 1st film to the 12th, the people at have outdone themselves depicting the Evolution of Jason Voorhees – and just in time for Halloween season! If you’re like me, you already indulged yourself in the Friday the 13th weekend marathon that Syfy provided us with at the end of September (I watched Part 2, Part 3, The Final Chapter and A New Beginning while I was “working from home”), and now that your mind is still dancing with visions of Crystal Lake horror, you could use something new to sink your machete into. Well, here it is!

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12 Halloween Horror Movies to Watch this Month


If there has to be just one thing that all horror fans have in common, it’s a love for the Halloween season. While some of us (namely me) started reveling in the holiday back in September, October 1st marks the official start of the All Hallows Eve celebration. To hell with Christmas! This is the most wonderful time of the year!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to compile a list of 2horror films to watch this month, in anticipation for the big night. Before I commence, however, I’d like to take a moment to explain why Halloween, Halloween II or any of the films in the franchise is absent here. They are a given and some of the most outstanding examples of great Halloween horror that the film industry has had to offer. For that reason (and since you should all be adding them to your movie queues automatically), I’ve decided to give Halloween the almighty lifetime achievement award and list some different movies here instead. Now, let’s carry on.

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The Green Inferno: The Gore Guide


Wondering if you have the stomach for Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno? Well, you do. Just remember that it’s all make believe, it’s all in good fun and it’s getting plenty of buzz as the next great classic of the horror movie genre – gore and all. Nonetheless, if you still need a just a taste of what you’re in for – for preparation purposes, NOT for chickening out purposes – then here is the official gore guide to The Green Inferno.



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