Childhood Games & Toys as Horror Movie Posters: Round Two



Remember these? As promised, I’ve managed to collect another diabolically clever batch of horror film imaginings from the playthings of your youth. Thanks to the great and terrible talents of Alec Pezzano, Zack Smith and Andrew Rupert, here is round 2 of childhood games and toys as horror movie posters.


1. Cabbage Patch Kids

Remember when you used to head to the toy store with mom or dad to pick out your very own kid from the cabbage patch, complete with adoption papers, or when you would unwrap a gift at Christmas and there awaited a fun-sized replica of yourself with yarn for hair and a tiny button nose? Well, kiss those happy memories goodbye.




2. Alf

It used to be that the only member of the family in danger from Alf was the cat… but things have changed. He’s not actually here to become a loving member of the household. He’s here to consume the household – and the cat is just the first course.




3. Operation

A simple procedure can quickly become a surgeon’s most horrifying nightmare when there’s more than just a broken bone to fix. What if the unconscious body on the operating table is riddled with foreign objects and the slightest mistake or blunder with the scalpel means a flatline and a botched and gory mess that you’ll never be able to explain your way out of.




4. Red Rover

What do you do when an innocent schoolyard game turns dark and grisly? Do you suggest switching to hide and seek and hope they never find you? Or do you finish the last round of red rover, no matter who is coming over…




See the first round here.

Comment with requests for new horror movie posters and we’ll see what we can do!

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