The Evolution of Jason Voorhees (Infographic)



There’s nothing quite as exciting as coming across an infographic on your favorite horror movie villain the likes of this one. From the 1st film to the 12th, the people at have outdone themselves depicting the Evolution of Jason Voorhees – and just in time for Halloween season! If you’re like me, you already indulged yourself in the Friday the 13th weekend marathon that Syfy provided us with at the end of September (I watched Part 2, Part 3, The Final Chapter and A New Beginning while I was “working from home”), and now that your mind is still dancing with visions of Crystal Lake horror, you could use something new to sink your machete into. Well, here it is!


From his days as the lost son of Pamela Voorhees to the unkillable, unstoppable murdering machine we know him as today, Jason has had quite the journey – and he’s changed his look quite a few times as well. He’s donned a tattered sack, the iconic and ever-evolving hockey mask and even a space-age metal face plate of terror as Uber Jason. Now you can see all of these film-to-film changes and check out a few impressive kill stats while you’re at it, below. Enjoy!


 The Evolution of Jason Voorhees
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“There’s a legend around here. A killer buried, but NOT dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse. Jason Voorhees’ curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him. NO ONE can.”

- Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

12 Halloween Horror Movies to Watch this Month


If there has to be just one thing that all horror fans have in common, it’s a love for the Halloween season. While some of us (namely me) started reveling in the holiday back in September, October 1st marks the official start of the All Hallows Eve celebration. To hell with Christmas! This is the most wonderful time of the year!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to compile a list of 2horror films to watch this month, in anticipation for the big night. Before I commence, however, I’d like to take a moment to explain why Halloween, Halloween II or any of the films in the franchise is absent here. They are a given and some of the most outstanding examples of great Halloween horror that the film industry has had to offer. For that reason (and since you should all be adding them to your movie queues automatically), I’ve decided to give Halloween the almighty lifetime achievement award and list some different movies here instead. Now, let’s carry on.

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The Green Inferno: The Gore Guide


Wondering if you have the stomach for Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno? Well, you do. Just remember that it’s all make believe, it’s all in good fun and it’s getting plenty of buzz as the next great classic of the horror movie genre – gore and all. Nonetheless, if you still need a just a taste of what you’re in for – for preparation purposes, NOT for chickening out purposes – then here is the official gore guide to The Green Inferno.



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Cooties & 8 More Back to School Horror Films


The weekend is finally upon us, but we have more than one reason to celebrate today. It’s the release date for Cooties, Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion’s child zombie horror comedy, starring Elija Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill and Jack McBrayer. The film details an isolated elementary school being turned into a feeding ground for tiny zombies when contaminated cafeteria food infects only those who have not yet gone through puberty. I’m sorry, did you want your zombie film to be more realistic? Cooties originally premiered at Sundance in January, 2014 and then made its way around the film festival circuit for over a year before finally coming to us on limited and VOD release today – just in time for the new school year!

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Hilariously Offbeat B Horror Movie Posters


Every once in a while you come across a horror movie that looks so insanely ridiculous you have to read the title over and over again before accepting that it’s real – and then, of course, you must immediately watch it. These are the B movies that we continue to search out, devour and laugh to tears over, because they all have one thing in common. They are so horrendously atrocious, they’re actually kind of great.

I’ve selected 10 such films because not only are they exactly the type of B-movie gems I’ve just described, but their poster art is truly mind-blowing. Enjoy!

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Just Close Enough: 8 Non-Horror Films That Horror Fans Love


You know the movies that walk a very thin line between horror and suspense thriller? Yes, you know them and you love them, even though you balk before adding them to your carefully curated horror film collection because they don’t exactly fit in. Perhaps you believe in your heart of hearts that they are true horror, but there are many who would argue the contrary. Silence of the Lambs, for example, is celebrated as the only horror film to ever have won an Academy Award for best picture but is still commonly listed as a crime, drama, thriller. Whether or not a resolute decision on which film genre Buffalo Bill and Dr. Lecter truly belong in is ever made, it won’t change the fact that horror fans love this movie – because it’s excellent, of course, and because it’s just close enough.

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5 Surprise Horror Movie Badasses


Can you recall the feeling of complete exaltation you get when a seemingly weak and submissive horror movie character is about to bite it in the worst possible way, but instead suddenly dredges up some primal urge to survive and starts doling out the beatings in a blaze of badass glory? Maybe they were always a badass but we just don’t get to see the evidence of that fact until all the chips start to fall. Nonetheless, it’s simply exhilarating to watch it all unfold!

We get our fair share of badass movie characters in the horror genre, but every once in a while they come as a complete (and delightful) surprise. Less surprisingly, they are almost always women. I made a legitimate attempt at evening this list out so the boys could feel represented too but eventually gave up the endeavor. Surprise badass is simply a female dominated role. What are you going to do?

Without any further ado, here are my favorite 5 ladies who shocked our socks off and kicked some serious horror villain ass.

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The Greatest Horror Movie Villains Ranked By You


While this poll will seemingly go on forever, I’m calling it on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 at 12:15 PM (Eastern time). You’ve chosen Freddy Krueger as the ultimate horror movie villain (443 votes), followed closely by Michael Myers (350), Jason Voorhees (343), Chucky (317), Leatherface (216) and finally Pinhead (193). Looks like nightmares rule and pain and pleasure only go together when Christian Grey is holding the whip (go figure… really). Thank you to all who voted!!

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Real World Horror: Two Murder Mansions & a Red Light Haunt in New Orleans



When you travel to New Orleans you can expect excellent food, plenty of drinking and a wealth of colorful history everywhere you go. Although, it is no secret that some of those colors run extremely dark, vivid as they may be. Naturally, during my recent trip to the Big Easy, I wasted no time before delving into those deep shades that darken the city’s history with murder and mayhem and have inspired some notable horror literature, television and film. The first of my haunts was the famous Lalaurie Mansion.

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Seen the Official Scream Queens Trailer Yet?

The horror-comedy series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan is coming to Fox, Tuesday, September 22nd at 9 PM. Stars include the original Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts and Skyler Samuels, Zombieland and Maggie’s Abigail Breslin, Cooties’ Nasim Pedrad, Animal’s Keke Palmer, Black Christmas’ Oliver Hudson (2006), Lea Michele and Niecy Nash.